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  • We just opened our PoochiePups store and wanted to show some love to you guys, in hopes of giving away On Sale products, all we ask is that you tell your friends and followers about us.

    We thought this would be our best way to grow our new brand. So you get a On Sale item and we get to grow our brand to do cool stuff like name new products after you if you tag us and such

    On Sale today! Until we sell out, get yours before you miss out

DOG Because people suck? haha YESSS! You love your furbabies, this is the perfect dog mom shirt for you to wear to the dog park and post the cutest pics on insta. You gotta have it, you deserve it. And make sure to remind people that we don't even deserve dogs and they should be nicer!

Our Poochie Pups™️ Dog T-Shirts are an essential for any dog owner.
✔️Soft Touch Cotton

✔️A shirt that will last

✔️Made & Shipped in the USA
✔️Easy hassle On Sale returns/exchanges
✔️You're Poochie will thank & Love you!

✔️10% donated to local dog shelters in North Texas to help provide food, shelter, and love. You'll be helping a poochie and getting an awesome shirt!

Order today and get yours with ! Limited quanity available with Poochie Pups
You Deserve it, Treat yourself - Show the world you’re the best DOGMOM
Ordering from Poochie Pups™️ is easy and safe.

Step 1 -Select the size and color you would like.
Step 2 - Click the "ADD TO CART" button
Step 3 - Select Checkout
Step 4 - Enter your shipping information so we know where to send your items. (Your information is safe and secure with us)
Step 5 - Pay using secure Stripe or amazon payments.
Step 6 - Receive your confirmation numnber
Step 7 - Congrats! Your dog is going to love you even more and all of your friends and followers will be jelous of your awesome shirts!
Step 8 - We will send you a tracking number in 1-3 Business days
Step 9 - You will recieve your package and finally be able to show your love for your Poochie!

We can't wait for you to join the
Poochie Pups™️ Family!!

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